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I'm Serenity Valeri, 

I'm a Tarot advisor that specializes in working with LGBTQ individuals and women who feel lost in the everyday demands of living in our society. They're stuck and don't know how to move forward authentically. I help them uncover hidden obstacles and then take courageous steps toward new dreams so they can finally reach their potential, feel fulfilled in life, and effect change in their environments.

Through the Tarot, I create an environment that allows for connection
with your unconscious parts and the emergence of one's higher self. This results in healing for my clients, more authentic courage, or an expanded perspective.  People often ask me about big decisions, relationships, career transitions, finances, pets, and communicating with loved ones.


Whatever your needs, I can help you find answers and create a plan to move forward. 

As a professional Tarot advisor, I will manage those needs holistically and precisely to achieve results that address every complexity you bring to my reading table. Navigating life, especially when challenging, is no small thing. So I provide intuitive, empathetic insight and guidance through the Tarot, including advising on your personal growth, self-development, trauma integration, and career options. 

There are no "one-size fits all" offerings at Cosmic Tarot. I recognize that everyone has different requirements and factors to consider, so I start sessions by reviewing what you want to work on and get from your time with me before I draw any cards.


Book your session with me today--begin your cosmic journey.

Tarot Advising Sessions
Career Clarity & Purpose Consultation

This is an excellent option for those seeking guidance about a specific situation or wanting to try a Tarot advising session for the first time! I’m honored to assist you with personal growth, LGBTQ+ concerns, relationship issues, trauma integration, career advancement, well-being improvement, and spiritual guidance.

Most sessions allow for a five-card or ten-card analysis based on your inquiry, but this can vary depending on the subject matter. 

Are you looking to craft a fulfilling career path for yourself and take your prosperity into your own hands? This consultation is part of a program I created using my experience as a corporate interviewer and job-shadowing program creator. Our first meeting includes a resume review, workbook introduction, resource assessment, and advising session. Then, armed with all of these customized tools, YOU will be empowered to decide if you'd like more assistance on your journey.

​My sessions are always as detailed as possible within the time allotted because my mission is to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself as we work through what brought you to see me. Your situation will be the determining factor in all aspects of our time together. Using empathy and intuition, I pride myself on providing a  truly customized experience for each person. 



PO Box 1752
Aurora, CO 80040

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