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Learn a little more about both Serenity and Cosmic Tarot! 


My name is Serenity Valeri

I'm a diversely trained and well-practiced seer that's worked with Tarot for twenty years. I believe in the strength of manifesting our stories as a way to create personal transformation and enter alignment with our authentic selves. 

My divination tools are historical Tarot and modern Oracle cards, which help translate intuitive messages for my clients. I also use pendulums, astrology, geomancy, and a scrying mirror in my holistic practice when the situation calls for it. The developmental and coaching framework I utilize is based on proven scientific methods. Much of my practice is informed by transpersonal psychology, radical acceptance, and my corporate information security background. 

My mission is to arm others with the insight they need to make informed, intuitive decisions that align with their soul's purpose, help individuals manifest their goals, make the best choices, and achieve clarity. I often act similarly to a creative translator, where I assist the universal knowledge of the soul to speak directly to your intention, question, or present problem. Whether you need a straightforward divination reading, consistent guidance, a comprehensive soul audit, or a combination of all three, I will work with you to determine the best approach.

What matters most to me is serving my community personally and with compassion. As a lifelong learner, I spent thirteen years in the technology sector while continuing my studies in higher education. I continue to maintain a professional certification in Cybersecurity. While still a beginner in Hellenistic Astrology, I've begun incorporating historical astrological techniques into my divination practices. 

Serenity Valeri, Tarot Advisor
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